Letter to Shareholders

Letter to Shareholders

I created Yunji in May 2015 with a simple mission: “to make commerce simpler and people's lives better.” As mobile internet continues to reshape people's consumption behavior, and commerce and social interactions become increasingly intertwined, I believe our innovative membership-based, social e-commerce platform will play an important part in the overall consumption upgrade in China.

I started one of the earliest online stores in China 15 years ago. My success as an entrepreneur has given me valuable experience and helped me identify key pain points that consumers face. It has become more and more difficult for consumers to make purchase decisions because of the overflow of information, and it is also challenging for small emerging businesses to grow on traditional e-commerce platforms, as consumers tend to gravitate towards well-known brands and platforms tend to prioritize resources offered to larger businesses. Our Yunji platform is designed to address these issues and fulfill our mission.

What is Yunji

Yunji has three defining characteristics: first, we are a membership-based platform which brings our members together through the collective value proposition that we provide them; second, we implement a targeted strategy to offer products that cater to the needs and preferences of our savvy and inter-connected users, with a focus on quality and pricing; third, we are keenly focused on the collective trust of our users, as their trust in us is the key to the growth and success of our platform. We empower our members to help extend our reach by sharing their shopping experiences and promoting products through their social networks to build a loyal following.

Embracing Tomorrow

Our platform has exhibited robust growth in a highly competitive e-commerce market, evidenced by significant increases in our member base and transaction volumes in the past three years. We are strategically positioned to continue building on our success and growth to-date and deliver on our mission.

We believe the pursuit of a better life is a natural driving force for people. Looking ahead, China will continue to undergo consumption upgrade. Based on our deep understanding of user behavior, we believe our membership-based, social e-commerce platform provides a superior shopping experience to hundreds of millions of families and will contribute to the overall consumption upgrade through technological innovation. Our team remains committed to expanding and improving our collaborative platform, offering carefully curated high-quality products at attractive prices, and empowering our members and more users to pursue a better life.


Shanglue “Teddy” Xiao
Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Yunji Inc.